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Ok, here we go...
1. me too
2. ugh, I could (and perhaps have)EASILY go 5-6 weeks without cleaning a bathroom. BLESS my cleaning lady!!
3. never tried
4. obviously related to Lydia--dry spaghetti everywhere
5. ow
6. we recently organized the linen closet--it might be like Grandma Bonnie's
7. treasures are great
8. I remember her wigs
9. Loved that path too, it's mostly grown over now I think. Sad that my kids don't know about it...
10. I'm okay with anything for breakfast if I don't have to make it.
11. no comment
12. well, of course Grama Keys HAS to be GRAMA (go away little spell-check line)
13. spring is mine
14. stinks
15. maybe, if anyone irons anymore
16,17, 19. everyone is
18. that's sweet
20. very Narnianish
21. Eating is the only reason I can think of to get up. Gabriel, however, does not care to eat for at least three hours after arising. (then he doesn't stop)
22. amen
23. amen
24. of course
25. hee-haw reruns are now on--if it weren't for bad luck I'd have no luck at all..gloooom, despaaaair, and agony, oh me..
26. me too
27. do you remember any of them??
28. I know both of them and I am!
29. me too
30. me too

wishing you get well! And enjoy your hands, a good book, and the incapacity to do things you are used to.
God bless your family

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