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I feel your excitement! What is truly more fun and satisfying than to create things? You did a lovely job--such neat and even stitches! However...what...are...they??? :)

Thank you! I am making myself one right now! With wavy cables. I feel so knitt-ish making something with waves in it.

Mom asked the same thing - they are cowls! As in, you put them over your head and they keep your neck warm & can be pulled up over your nose if you need. This then, eliminates the many scarf issues: losing the scarf, having the scarf drag on the ground until it's filthy and/or frozen, shutting one end of the scarf in the car door (b/c if you shut the cowl in the car door, I think you would know as by the position of your head), finally tying the scarf only to have a gigantic knot right in front of your nose . . . there are more, I'm sure.

So a cowl, you see, if faster to knit, easier to keep track of and if you wanted, you could put it on your head and let excess heat escape from your head if you're the warm-blooded type.

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